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Cutting-Edge Communication Technology for Prisons


With a noble mission to help reduce recidivism, Telmate uses its connection technology to forge new ground in prison inmate communications. The company is dedicated to ensuring robust inmate content, security management, and communications by delivering leading-edge infrastructure and technology products. Secure and monitored access points enable inmates to interact with loved ones—improving mental health, encouraging personal and financial responsibility, and reducing their likelihood to commit crimes in the future. By focusing on research and development, Telmate continues to innovate faster than its competitors.


With such a heavy focus on R&D, the Telmate team found themselves faced with demanding deadlines and a need for expertise and support for a variety of initiatives. First, they needed help distribute products faster and more efficiently. Since they provide equipment, software, management, and support services for corrections facilities, the breadth of projects was expansive. But our shared mission for continuous innovation kept us in sync and set the pace for an ambitious project that aimed to meet the changing needs of the corrections sector.

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High Seas and Telmate quickly established a strategic partnership—embedded developers supported development teams, with fast-and-lean developer pairs handling specialized projects end-to-end outside the daily workflow. Telmate’s clear goals, combined with High Seas’ specialized technology chops, allowed us to create a unified front as we set up and knock down tasks in an accelerated environment.


Within a few months, High Seas helped overhaul and improve the logging and visibility of records and files for Telmate through a more efficient jail management system created with end users in mind. Our team also helped improve video visitation for inmates using a full React application, which optimized Android-based tablet setup through the Telmate Mobile Service API. This was the final piece we needed to in place to activate the Visitation Station area for video visitation. Finally, the billing and Command Center were streamlined through a Rails engine for tablet billing profiles. These initiatives helped satisfy a rapidly evolving industry and ensured the increased functionality of prison communications, which in turn helped encourage the successful rehabilitation of prisoners.

Testimonial Quote Marks

The High Seas team helped us make critical business decisions and come up with creative solutions beyond our expectations. Whenever we need to pull in extra help to get projects out the door we know we can rely on High Seas to deliver expertise, solid strategic approach, excellent recommendations, and solid dedication.

Christian McCarrick

VP of Engineering Telmate