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The Client

Terrane is an innovative and ambitious regional land-surveying company looking to marry decades of spatial-development experience with a 21st-century focus on tech-enabled precision and efficiency. The Puget Sound-based firm delivers for public, private and residential customers thanks to a highly skilled field crew. Making sure they are deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible is a crucial component of Terrane’s success. That’s why they turned to High Seas to help design a mobile scheduling app for smart, GPS- and data-informed deployment of their surveyors.

The Project

The company enlisted High Seas to help design a user-friendly mobile app that would enable them to get the most from their surveying team. Terrane had begun migrating scheduling and route planning to their intranet and were looking to ultimately launch a mobile app that would use GPS information and historical data to identify the most efficient ways to make use of the company’s field crew of surveyors. The project roadmap would run the gamut from gaining an understanding of the existing environment to testing and deploying a seamlessly integrated mobile scheduling tool. The resulting end-to-end scheduling tool would include such components as a date picker, hourly schedule and new job form to ensure that surveyors can get a 360-degree view of their day-to-day tasks and schedule.

A tablet displaying the Terrane UX and interactivity
A look at Terrane's UX for mobile devices
The Approach

High Seas worked closely with Terrane to design a tool that would provide end-to-end scheduling and route mapping. The project began with the creation of wireframes that would establish a framework for UX and an impactful visual design. Using Terrane-provided back-end APIs, developers worked to build the front-end components, a user-friendly interface and a compelling visual design. As a result, field teams would be able to access a mobile app with a map including pins and avatars, and a sidebar with the ability to create filters using drop-down menus and checkboxes. The mobile tool would need to be seamlessly integrated into Terrane’s existing environment and to serve as the ultimate source of truth for its teams out in the field.

The Result

The mobile scheduler is helping Terrane provide better, more reliable service to its growing roster of clients by unlocking a greater level of team productivity. The company is building its future on a rock-solid foundation of logistics-driven precision and efficiency – and this tool has become a crucial part of that effort. Using the mobile app as their source of truth, surveyors are able to get more productivity from their working day.

Navigation visualizations using Terrane's unique graphic approach
A collection of UX screens with the Terrane interface
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