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TruSource Consulting Group is a senior management consulting firm based in the bustling San Francisco Bay Area. They serve a diverse range of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller entities, and specialize in leveraging clients’ internal resources to deliver measurable, lasting results.


TruSource came to us looking for a modern yet cost-effective website for their growing consulting business. They wanted an inspirational, sophisticated presence to highlight their professional services and communicate their unique brand value. Such an undertaking would naturally include creative branding, design, and identity development, plus a complete website rebranding.

Tablet device showing page from TruSource mobile app.
People in a meeting with TruSource logo and mobile app screens overlayed.

Using our Professional Services package, we delivered an innovative new logo, a compelling new website design, and development at an affordable value. The specialized package included a predefined set of content types and structure options, which we tailored specifically to TruSource’s brand, content, and messaging needs. One of the goals of the TruSource website was to give the client full control over their content, so they could update their services and messaging independently as they evolved to the next level. To meet this request, we established a new content management system as part of the package.


Even within the constraints of a tight budget and timeline, we created a forward-thinking and cohesive brand and website experience. We believe that the ultimate resource in a rebanding project is the brand leaders themselves, and our work was driven by close collaboration and strategizing with the TruSource team. This provided incredible insight as we crafted an identity that aligned with their core tenets: strength, trust, clarity, order, honestly, quality, delivery, and execution. Prior to this project, TruSource CEO felt their brand and web presence were hindering the company’s growth. Since then, TruSource was included in the San Francisco Business Journal’s “Fast 100” list of the 100 fastest growing private companies in the Bay Area in both 2018 and 2019.

TrueSource light and dark logos with name as text.
Mosaic layout of different TruSource logo design options.

TruSource’s brand positioning is further reflected through the visual components and UX of their new site. We wanted to highlight their ability to lead complex programs, create order out of chaos, and build a collaborative road map for teams. These messages inspired the main user navigation system and influenced our graphic design and typographic choices, from buttons and forms, to icons and color.

On the back-end, we opted to implement Concrete 5 for content management. Knowing that the more robust CMS systems can be unapproachable for small businesses, we chose Concrete 5 for its intuitive nature. A straightforward, edit-in-place interface allows the TruSource team to update their content and see live previews of changes on the fly. Ultimately, it was a pleasure to equip this insightful team with impactful, unified branding and the ability to make real-time edits and updates moving forward.

TrueSource light logo with no text.
Example of TrueSource style guide.
Tablet device showing page from TruSource mobile app.


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