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Willow: A visionary Bay Area mobile healthcare company.


Motivated to transform the lives of moms, Willow aimed to create a Wearable Breast Pump that would revolutionize the industry. Understanding the needs and busy schedules of modern moms, Willow recognized that the pump must be mobile, quiet, and free from the hindrances of wires, external tubes and dangling bottles. The overall concept includes a bluetooth connected app that provides tools, information, metrics, and data that empowers women and helps them achieve their breastfeeding goals. Willow is re-defining the world of wearables and is bringing a brand new concept to the world of healthcare. Willow engaged High Seas to partner with their team to develop the app that is key to the company’s vision.

A mother using the Willow Breast Pump while playing with her child.

High Seas and Willow both recognized that a collaborative approach that encourages creative problem solving would be critical in developing a mobile app that provides an enhanced experience for mothers using the Willow Wearable Breast Pump. To ensure Willow’s competitive advantage, the timing for the endeavor was of vital importance. To produce a brand-new app of premier quality in the short time allotted, Willow and High Seas established innovative iterative development and testing methods to achieve the project’s goals. The technical fluency of both High Seas’ and Willow’s teams enabled an integrated and efficient process.

There are rarely roadmaps when blazing trails into new technological frontiers, so the integrated team continually employed out-of-the-box thinking to accomplish landmark innovations. Keys to success:

  1. Develop an innovative app of first-class quality within a tight timeframe.
  2. Navigate the complexities in developing a synced app experience for multiple Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected devices.
  3. Create collaborative process to streamline development, testing, and product evolution

High Seas, collaborating with the Willow team, developed and delivered a high-quality, connected and synced mobile app that enables moms to track key helpful metrics, watch education videos and shop for Willow supplies. As the first truly mobile, all-in-one breast pump that fits in the bra, the Willow Wearable Breast Pump is the first of its kind and is redefining the world of wearables and bringing this to healthcare.

Response to Willow is strong and is taking the world by storm. In addition to garnering numerous incredible reviews, the Willow Wearable Breast Pump won the prestigious 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Award in the Wearable category, and the 2017 Fast Company Design “Innovation by Design” award for the Health Category.

Testimonial Quote Marks

High Seas’ team showed tremendous expertise in the complex integrated mobile app and Bluetooth Low Energy technology that was pivotal to our success. They thought creatively and acted quickly to meet project requirements. We enjoyed collaborating with their friendly and enthusiastic team. We look forward to working with High Seas to continue revolutionizing the industry.

John Chang

Founder & CTO Willow


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